CD-ROMs - Visual Reference for Comic Artists

Before ebooks and digital publishing, artists struggled to find affordable photo reference. Back in the dark ages of the Internet, Buddy Scalera decided to create a unique resource.

Visual Reference for Comic Artists is a series of CD-ROMs that contain photos of people, places, and things that are useful to illustrators. These CD-ROMs include 500-600 pictures, all shot by Buddy Scalera. The price in 2001 was $10 and has never changed.




All links lead to Comic Book School, an amazing resource for aspiring creators. Yeah, you need to check it out.

If you're loking for affordable photo reference and don't want to spend hours searching Google, check out Buddy's CD-ROMs. These are popular digital resources for artists because they are both (a) useful and (b) affordable. (Seriously, stop wasting your precious art time on Google. Get these CD-ROMs!)

Learn more about Buddy's photo reference art books and his educational books.