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Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: People & Poses
by Buddy Scalera

Photo Reference Book 1 Cover

Photo Reference Book Men CoverPhoto Reference Book Cover by JG Jones


Lessons from top artists Greg Land, Sean Chen, Paul Chadwick, Billy Tucci, and more will be featured in “Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: People and Poses,” a 144-page pose file book and CD-ROM package featuring 1100 color photographs by Buddy Scalera from F+W’s IMPACT Books.

Sexy women and powerful men are photographed in superheroic poses to help professional and aspiring artists draw accurate anatomy in their comic books, storyboards, videogames and more. Professional comic artists offer detailed step-by-step lessons of how to utilize photo reference for maximum visual impact.

The 144-page softcover book and CD-ROM package retails for $24.95 in major bookstores (ISBN-13 978-1-58180-758-5), comic book stores, Barnes & Nobles, and Amazon.

Professional actors and models are in serious superhero poses. Many shots have unique angles and perspectives.

Weapons and objects include:

  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Swords
  • Quarterstaff
  • Capes

The seven art demonstrations include:

  • Mitchell Breitweiser (Drax, Agent X)
  • Paul Chadwick (Concrete, The Matrix Comic)
  • Sean Chen (Wolverine, Iron Man, X-Men)
  • Matt Haley (Firestorm, GI Spy)
  • Greg Land (X-Men, Birds of Prey)
  • Fernando Ruiz (Betty & Veronica, The Joe Kubert School)
  • William Tucci (Shi, Daredevil)

“The art lessons are by established, respected professional artists,” explains author Scalera. “Everything is tailored to the unique needs of comic artists, so you’ll see a lot of extreme perspectives, angles, foreshortening, and shadows.”

Comics Worth Reading calls it "a lovely gift for an aspiring artist."

Book 2: Comic Artist's Photo Reference: Women & Girls
Book 3: Comic Artist's Photo Reference: Men & Boys

Preview interior pages below:

Man reaching perspective pose Man Flying Pose Girl pointing foreshortening pose Girl sword pose Man pose cape Batman Man swing sword pose Girl gun shoot pose

See a preview of the CD-ROM.


Mitchell Breitweiser: http://www.mitchellillustration.com
Sean Chen: http://www.seanchen.com/
Billy Tucci: http://www.crusadefinearts.com
Paul Chadwick: http://www.paulchadwick.net/
Matt Haley: http://www.matthaley.com/




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